Policy Brief cover with text and map of CA

Policy Brief 2021: Rents Increase for Low-Income Californians During COVID-19 Pandemic

This policy brief analyzes the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on multifamily rents across California. Renter households in older, more affordable rental homes were far less likely to benefit from reduced rents than renters living in luxury apartments in high-cost, coastal counties, and in many cases saw average rents increase. Read More

California Housing Needs Report 2021 cover

California Affordable Housing Needs Report 2021

The findings in this year’s statewide 2021 California Affordable Housing Needs Report from the California Housing Partnership tell a clear story: the pandemic impacts have only worsened an already untenable situation facing low-income California renters, with rising homelessness and cost burdens leading to increased housing fragility and worsening racial inequality. California Read More

California Affordable Housing Needs Report 2020

2020 California Affordable Housing Needs Report

Key housing metrics and indicators in the California Housing Partnership’s statewide 2020 California Affordable Housing Needs Report underscore why our federal and state leaders must come together to address the housing needs of our lowest income and most vulnerable neighbors who are key pillars to keeping our economy and communities strong. While California Read More

Who Can Afford to Rent

Policy Brief: Who Can Afford to Rent in California’s Many Regions?

This policy brief investigates the income required to afford rent across California and to better understand the cost burden experienced by households at different income groups. The analysis provides insights into whether it makes sense for State resources to be used to provide assistance to “missing middle” households, and if Read More

2019 Statewide Housing Need Report

The California Housing Partnership’s 2019 California Affordable Housing Needs Report takes a look at the State’s housing investments and shows that California is still under-investing in affordable housing production and preservation, despite the Legislature’s passage of the 2017 Housing Package. It also highlights that households cannot afford the real costs of Read More

2018 Statewide Housing Need Report

CHPC’s statewide 2018 California Affordable Housing Needs Report takes a look at the correlation between California’s disinvestment in affordable homes and the rise of homelessness statewide. It also highlights inequities in state spending on homeowners vs. renters as well as the ever-growing burden low-income people face under high housing costs. 

How California’s Housing Market is Failing to Meet the Needs of Low-Income Families in California

California is showing increasing economic and fiscal strength with economic growth among the top five states in the nation and a budget that is in the black for the first time in a decade. Yet this good news is tempered by the growing severity of an age-old California problem: the private Read More