Staff & Board

Adrienne Gemheart

Housing Finance Consultant
Phone: (916) 538-2368
Sacramento Region
Staff Aditya Potluri

Aditya Potluri

Housing Finance Consultant
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x323
San Francisco, CA
Amanda Isbell staff bio

Amanda Isbell

HR and Operations Manager
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x310
San Francisco, CA
Staff Anthony Carroll

Anthony Carroll

Research Assistant
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x325
San Francisco, CA
Staff Ben Creed

Ben Creed

Housing Finance Consultant
Phone: (213) 892-8775 x118
Los Angeles, CA
Blanca E. de la Cruz staff bio

Blanca E. de la Cruz

Sustainable Housing Program Director
Phone: (213) 892-8775 x113
Los Angeles, CA
Chad Horsford staff bio

Chad Horsford

Senior Housing Finance Consultant
Phone: (213) 892-8277 x110
Los Angeles, CA
Chris Maxwell staff bio

Chris Maxwell

Director of Finance and Operations
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x316
San Francisco, CA
Staff Christina Gotuaco

Christina Gotuaco

Director of Communications
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x313
San Francisco, CA
Claire Parisa staff bio

Claire Parisa

Associate Director, Consulting Supervision - Northern CA
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x324
San Francisco, CA
Dan Rinzler staff

Dan Rinzler

Senior Policy Analyst
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x320
San Francisco, CA
Danielle Mazzella staff bio

Danielle Mazzella

Preservation & Data Manager
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x322
San Francisco, CA
Staff Dave Kiddoo

Dave Kiddoo

Director of Public Housing Initiatives
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x314
San Francisco, CA
Deanna Bligh staff bio

Deanna Bligh

Senior Housing Finance Consultant
Phone: (213) 892-8775 x107
Los Angeles, CA
Diep Do staff bio

Diep Do

Director, San Diego Region
Phone: (858) 617-0579
San Diego, CA
Edward Horne staff bio photo

Edward Horne

Housing Finance Analyst
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x332
San Francisco, CA

Genise Choy

Housing Finance Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
Greg Chin staff bio

Greg Chin

Director, Consulting Supervision - Northern CA
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x317
San Francisco, CA

Jessica Martin

Summer Policy and Research Fellow
Los Angeles, CA
Lauren Maddock staff bio

Lauren Maddock

Director of Portfolio Recapitalization
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x329
Sacramento Region
Laura Kobler staff bio

Laura Kobler

Director, Sacramento Region
Phone: (916) 683-1180
Sacramento Region
Lindsay Rosenfeld staff bio

Lindsay Rosenfeld

Policy Research Manager
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x327
San Francisco, CA
Staff Mark Stivers

Mark Stivers

Director of Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy
Phone: (916) 603-2001
Sacramento Region
Matt Schwartz staff bio

Matt Schwartz

President & CEO
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x311
San Francisco, CA
Meena Venkatraman staff bio photo

Meenakshi Venkatraman

Sustainable Housing Fellow
San Francisco, CA
Meg McGraw-Scherer staff bio

Meg McGraw-Scherer

Peninsula Director
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x315
San Francisco, CA
Mengxin Zhou staff bio

Mengxin Zhou

Senior Housing Finance Consultant
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x318
San Francisco, CA
Staff Michael Claproth

Michael Claproth

Sustainable Housing Program Associate
Phone: (213) 892-8277 x122
Los Angeles, CA
Michelle Coulter staff bio

Michelle Espinosa Coulter

Senior Housing Finance Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
Nicole Norori staff bio

Nicole Norori

Central Coast Director
Phone: (805) 914-5401
Santa Barbara, CA
Paul Beesemyer staff bio

Paul Beesemyer

Director, Southern California
Phone: (213) 892-8775 x106
Los Angeles, CA
Rachael Diaz staff bio headshot

Rachael Diaz

Sustainable Housing Program Associate
Los Angeles, CA
Richard Mandel staff bio

Richard Mandel

Director of Financial Consulting
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x312
San Francisco, CA
Sherin Bennett staff bio

Sherin Bennett

Associate Director of Training
Phone: (213) 892-8775 x123
Los Angeles, CA
Srinidhi Sampath Kumar staff bio

Srinidhi Sampath Kumar

Sustainable Housing Policy and Program Manager
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x326
San Francisco, CA
Thai-An Ngo staff bio headshot

Thái-Ân Ngȏ

Senior Housing Finance Consultant
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x321
San Francisco, CA
William Wilcox staff bio

William Wilcox

Housing Finance Consultant
Phone: (415) 433-6804 x319
San Francisco, CA
Zorica Stancevic staff bio

Zorica Stančević

Director of Training
Phone: (415) 738-7793
San Francisco, CA
California Housing Partnership logo

California Housing Partnership

Board Members

Adhi Nagraj, Vice Chair

Senior Vice President, McCormack Baron Salazar Appointed by: Governor

Elizabeth Morris, Chair

Principal, E.M. Advisors Appointed by: Governor

Gustavo Velasquez

Director, California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) Appointed by: Governor

Felicia Scruggs-Wright, Secretary

Director of Property Management, East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) Appointed by: Senate President ProTem

Simonne Ruff, Treasurer

Director, Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) Appointed by: Assembly

Rebecca Foster

Executive Director, San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund Appointed by: Governor

Porsche Middleton

Deputy Director, Sacramento Self Help Housing Appointed by: Governor

Dave Rand

Partner, Armbruster Goldsmith and Delvac LLP Appointed by: Governor