Acronym Soup: An HCD Primer

Host: NPH

Emerging Leaders Peer Network logo NPHMHP, HHC, AHSC, VHHP, NPLH, UMRs – drowning in the acronym soup?

Join us for a primer on the California Department of Housing and Community Development’s (HCD) underwriting, loan programs, and closing process. We will discuss the building blocks of the HCD Universal Multifamily Regulations (UMRs); review general, supportive, and transit-oriented HCD programs; and explore case studies. This session will be useful to individuals and organizations hoping to apply for new and legacy HCD funding programs.

Material will be most relevant for beginner and intermediate levels with some experience with HCD’s programs.

Registration Deadline: Registration will close end of day on Monday, August 2 at 5pm PDT.
Cancellation/Refund Deadline: Tuesday, August 3 at 5pm PDT
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  • Claire Parisa, Associate Director, Consulting Supervision-Northern CA, California Housing Partnership
  • William Wilcox, Housing Finance Consultant, California Housing Partnership
  • Daniel Potter, Assistant Vice President, Union Bank


  • Emerging Leaders Peer Network (ELPN)