Fundamentals of Tax Exempt Bonds (Learning Lab)

Host: Housing California


This event is a Learning Lab on Day 1 of the Housing California 2022 Conference taking place April 4-6, 2022.

Tax-exempt bonds are a complex financing tool commonly used by affordable housing developers to build and rehabilitate homes. Recent changes to the bond program have made this resource highly competitive, yet it is still a critical element of many financing structures and remains one of the most important sources of funding at our disposal. This Learning Lab will teach basic and technical requirements, the “who” and “why” of the many participants on those bond closing calls, the process of obtaining a bond allocation, how to create a financing structure that will give the best chance of leading to a successful application, and the costs associated with using this program. Both advanced students and beginners will benefit from this interactive session. We will delve into the program’s regulatory framework, examine critical legal issues, and discuss the financial implications and benefits of using tax-exempt bonds in different situations.