Prioritizing Resilience in Climate-Responsive Housing

Host: Net Zero Conference

This is a session on Day 1 of Verdical Group’s 2021 Net Zero Conference, September 14-16.

Zero-carbon housing design should prioritize long-term robust building operations and community resilience. Driven by statewide GHG targets, reach codes, R&D investment and industry innovation have pushed rapid electrification in affordable housing. Electrification holds promise for long-term community health and well-being. But when the policies and investments originate with state drawdown goals, the co-imperative of resilient housing can take a back seat. This panel will discuss lessons learned from the perspectives of policy, development, technology, and design in prioritizing resilience and equity in climate-responsive housing. Speakers will address recommendations for how decarbonization policies might foreground equity and resilience concerns, a review of technical challenges in multifamily buildings, and tools to enhance design decisions and communication with residents.

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  • Erin Feeney, David Baker Architects
  • Maya Gantley, Association for Energy Affordability
  • Srinidhi Sampath Kumar, California Housing Partnership