Setting the Stage: Resources, Opportunities, and Innovative Programs to Build a Stronger Valley

Host: San Joaquin Valley Affordable Housing Collaborative

This is the opening plenary on Day 1 of the San Joaquin Valley Affordable Housing Summit, September 21-23

What does it mean to build a stronger Valley? What resources are available at the local and state level? What advocacy efforts are being made to ensure that the San Joaquin Valley has equitable representation?

Join us for this dynamic session in which we explore resources that SJV stakeholders can utilize or support in their work. Topics included are the Roadmap Home 2030, funding available at the local level such as REAP dollars, and the Bay Area to Central Valley migration map from the UC Davis Center for Regional Change that highlights how regional interaction impacts the Valley, especially due to COVID-19. Together, we can build a stronger San Joaquin Valley. Together we can Rethink Resiliency in the Valley.

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  • Kristine Williams, Enterprise Community Partnership
  • Michael Duarte, Fresno Housing
  • David Zisser, Housing California
  • Bernadette Austin, UC Davis Center for Regional Change
  • Sara Watterson, UC Davis Center for Regional Change
  • Hailey Lang, San Joaquin County Council of Governments