Los Angeles County Makes Progress in Addressing Affordable Housing Needs

The California Housing Partnership is pleased to announce the release of Los Angeles County’s 2021 Affordable Housing Outcomes Report. Significantly, the report finds that Los Angeles County’s investments (including almost $600,000,000 in NOFA awards since 2014) and policies over the past five years have led to a gradually expanding inventory of affordable homes and rental assistance programs in Los Angeles County that contributed to reducing the affordable housing shortfall and helping stem the tide of homelessness.

Affordable housing shortfall chart LA County

This is the fifth year that the Partnership has assisted Los Angeles County to produce this comprehensive 200-page report, which contains a rich set of data analysis and key findings organized into the follow core areas:
  • Executive Summary and Countywide Snapshot
  • Section 1: Affordable Housing Need
  • Section 2: Affordable Rental Housing Inventory and Risk Assessment
  • Section 3: County-Administered Affordable Rental Housing Resources
  • Section 4: Neighborhood Context for Creating and Preserving Affordable Homes
  • Section 5: Affordable Housing Development Cost Analysis
  • Section 6: Recommendations in the following categories: 
  1. Funding for affordable housing
  2. Availability of sites for affordable housing
  3. Innovative and cost-saving strategies
  4. State and federal advocacy priorities
  5. Racial equity in housing programs
Los Angeles County’s Outcomes Report is the most comprehensive look at affordable rental housing needs and solutions of any county in California. It was authorized by LA County’s Board of Supervisors in 2015 to track inputs, outputs and outcomes of the County’s housing initiatives and programs as the County took dramatic steps to increase funding in response to gaps caused by California’s elimination of redevelopment agencies in 2012. In addition to tracking the expanded investment in affordable housing the County committed to in recent years, this report also guides the County’s strategic affordable housing investments moving forward. 
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