New 2022 Affordable Housing Need Reports for California Counties

cover_AHNR2022-SolanoCountyAnnouncing new updates to the Partnership’s online Housing Needs Dashboard data tool ( and new housing need reports for all 58 California counties
During #AffordableHousingMonth this year, the California Housing Partnership has newly released Affordable Housing Need Reports for all California counties. These reports track the progress of local, regional and state leaders’ initiatives to alleviate the housing instability faced by low-income Californians as a result of California’s challenging housing market trends, documented in these assessments and in our state-level CA 2022 Housing Need Report.
Highlights from this year’s county reports:
  • In all 58 counties, average asking rents between 2020 and 2021 increased.
  • In 33 counties, average asking rents increased by 5% or more.
  • In 15 counties, renters have to earn two times the state or local minimum wage to afford average asking rents. In 10 counties, they have to earn three times the amount or more.
  • Although 24 counties saw increases to the number of affordable homes produced or preserved compared to 2020, overall in 2021 California only funded 16% of the new affordable homes the state needed.
Readers familiar with prior years’ reports may notice that the shortfall and cost burden graphics are not included in this year’s PDF reports. The figures have remain unchanged from last year due to known concerns with the U.S. Census Bureau’s 1-year American Community Survey data needed to populate those two graphics.
The Partnership urges state leaders to:
  • Embrace the HOPE Act (ACA 14) proposed by Assembly Housing Chair Buffy Wicks to set aside 5% of state general funds for homelessness and affordable housing — a bold, long-term investment California has needed to scale resources to the scope of our state’s challenges.
  • Implement California’s Roadmap Home 2030 to reach our shared goals of housing the unhoused, ending the crisis in affordability, protecting vulnerable renters from displacement, and closing racial equity gaps.

County-level Housing Need by Region CHPC

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