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Annual report finds county needs 134k more affordable homes

May 13, 2024

The region’s voice for affordable housing issued its annual report on housing supply and the results were alarming: San Diego is failing to halt the growing gap between housing supply and need, especially for low-income renters and the homeless.

The report found 134,000 more affordable homes are needed to meet the region’s needs. Plus, hundreds of shelter beds were lost in the last year while the number needed is thousands higher. However, there was some good news: Rents are stabilizing and sometimes even slightly decreasing. 

At a May 9 press conference, the San Diego Housing Federation released the annual San Diego County Housing Needs Report from the California Housing Partnership. In it, SDHF coalition leaders spotlighted the growing —and continuing — need for investment in affordable housing region wide for San Diegans in general, and low-income renters in particular.