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Former Mayor Bogaard to Chair New Housing Task Force

Bogaard will serve with Leslie Barnes,  Former District 3 Councilman Joel Bryant, Philip Burns, Julianna Delgado, Megan Foker, Akila Gibbs, Allison Henry, Sarah Letts, Anne Miskey, Rita Moreno, Phyllis Mueller, Andrew Oliver, Phlunte Riddle,  Stan Rushing, Barry Storch, and  J. Noel Toro.

…A California Affordable Housing Needs Report, published by the California Housing Partnership, reported in March 2020 that there was a drastic need for more affordable housing in the state. Under state law, cities are required to provide capacity for their fair share of existing and future regional housing needs. Every eight years, this fair share assignment is determined through the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) process, which requires jurisdictions to adopt a housing element to their general plans that shows compliance….