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From the Field: California Housing Partnership Releases 2022 Affordable Housing Needs Report

California Housing Partnership, an NLIHC state partner, released a report on the state’s affordable housing shortage and investments in housing production. Over the past three years, the California Affordable Housing Needs Report 2022 shows, California has more than doubled its production of new affordable homes. Despite this progress, the state is funding 16% of the total number of affordable homes needed to meet its housing goals…

…“State leaders have committed record amounts of budget surplus in the past two years to combat homelessness and displacement,” said Matt Schwartz, president and CEO of California Housing Partnership. “However, we cannot afford to rest on the progress brought by these one-time investments. The Roadmap Home calls for establishing clear long-term goals and comprehensive systems-change strategies to ensure that the investments made today will achieve the outcomes so many Californians have been longing for, including an end to homelessness and extreme housing cost burdens.”