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How many minimum wage jobs does it take to pay Bay Area rent?

Protestors hold signs demanding housing solutions

High Bay Area rents come with another cost for low-income workers — they need multiple jobs just to make the monthly payments.

It takes the equivalent of more than four full-time minimum wage jobs for a worker in San Jose or San Francisco to afford a two-bedroom apartment and still have money left over for food, health care and transportation, according to an analysis released Wednesday by the National Low Income Housing Coalition. In Oakland and Fremont, the same low-wage worker would need to juggle three jobs to make rent and put food on the table.

Add it up, and the Bay Area remains the most expensive and income-draining region for housing in the U.S., according to the analysis.

…The California Housing Partnership this year launched a statewide campaign advocating $500 million more in dedicated, annual funding for the state’s low-income housing tax credit program, exempting affordable and supportive housing projects from certain environmental reviews and streamlining the bureaucratic process for securing funding…