Preservation Technical Assistance

Housing at Risk

The shortage of 1.5 million affordable homes in California cannot be reversed by new construction alone; we must ensure existing affordable homes remain affordable to those who need them most. The California Housing Partnership estimates that nearly 32,000 of the existing federally subsidized affordable apartments in California are at risk of conversion to market rate in the next five years. The Partnership works in several ways to make sure these homes remain affordable to low-income Californians. The California Housing Partnership works at a state and federal level to provide information on the status of existing affordable housing, and to work collaboratively with local partners to ensure that housing remains affordable to low-income residents. We provide technical assistance to our partners through the following services:

Preservation Clearinghouse

The California Housing Partnership’s Preservation Clearinghouse is the state’s most comprehensive source of information on subsidized affordable housing at risk of losing its affordable status and converting to market-rate housing. The California Housing Partnership maintains the only comprehensive database of all HUD subsidized properties, USDA Section 514 and 515 rural properties, and properties financed with Low Income Housing Tax Credits in California. The Partnership uses the database to identify affordable properties that are at risk and should be targeted for preservation.

Local Preservation Strategies

The California Housing Partnership works to uncover regional trends and to engage with local governments, nonprofit developers, tenant advocates and other partners to develop local preservation strategies.

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