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Reconciliation Bill – Sept 2021

Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (AHCIA) of 2021

The Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (AHCIA) of 2021, S. 1136 and H.R. 2573 strengthens and expands the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC).

President Biden’s Proposed Expansion of Federal Housing and Homeless Programs for FY22

President Biden’s fiscal year (FY) 2022 budget requests a $9 billion (15%) increase to HUD’s budget. If enacted, the budget would achieve the largest single expansion of Housing Choice Vouchers in the program’s history, as well as provide substantial federal investments in affordable homes and increase the availability of housing assistance to families with the greatest need. For full details of the FY22 HUD budget request, see NLIHC’s updated budget chart and analysis.

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  • Sign your organization to a letter supporting increased funding for affordable housing, homelessness, and community development resources.

The American Jobs Plan, President Biden’s $2.3 Trillion Infrastructure Proposal

The AJP includes: $45 billion for the National Housing Trust Fund for the construction and preservation of homes affordable to people with the lowest incomes, $2 billion for new project-based vouchers; $35 billion for the HOME Investment Partnership Program; $55 billion for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit; $3 billion to fund lead-based paint testing and abatement; $2 billion to meet the housing needs of tribal communities; and $2 billion for HUD’s Section 202 program to increase the supply of affordable housing with supportive services for low-income seniors.

Take Action

  • Sign your organization to a letter supporting increased funding for affordable housing, homelessness, and community development resources.

The HoUSed USA campaign from our national partner, NLIHC, prioritizes major housing investments in the American Jobs Plan Act and other legislation that advances efforts to:

  1. Bridge the gap between incomes and housing costs by expanding rental assistance to every eligible household. Today, only one in four households eligible for rental assistance receives it. 
  2. Expand and preserve the supply of rental homes affordable and accessible to people with the lowest incomes. There is no state or congressional district in America with enough supply of affordable housing for families with the lowest incomes. 
  3. Provide emergency rental assistance to households in crisis by creating a national housing stabilization fund. Millions of households are one financial shock away from economic hardship that could quickly spiral out of control. 
  4. Strengthen and enforce renter protections. The power imbalance between renters and landlords puts renters at risk of housing instability and homelessness. 

Help advance bold housing solutions that move our nation towards universal, stable, and affordable homes for everyone; advance anti-racist policies; and achieve the large-scale, sustained investments and reforms necessary to ensure that renters with the lowest incomes have an affordable place to call home: https://nlihc.org/housed

Action Alerts


Please take action today to put the support letters below on your letterhead, submit a copy to the email address noted in the template, and send a duplicate copy to mstivers@chpc.net.

By 10/1/2021: Urge the Governor to Sign AB 1423 to Reduce the Cost of Affordable Housing Development (Action Alert)

By 9/24/2021: Sign on to our letter to tell Speaker Pelosi affordable housing must stay affordable.

By 2/26/2021: Please contact your senators and representatives and urge them to quickly enact the American Rescue Plan Act now!

By 2/16/2021: Comments on Strengthening the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) in 2021 (CRA Federal Reserve 2021 Template Comment Letter – Word Doc | Live Text)


Disaster Relief

Please take action today to express your interest in this legislation to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Mike Thompson and Rep. Jimmy Panetta.

2020 Disasters Tax Relief Act (Author: Wyden)


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