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If you are searching for affordable housing to rent, please review the online resources of our advocacy partners

The California Housing Partnership provides published research and advocacy resources facilitating the preservation and expansion of the supply of affordable homes for low-income renters in California. Please explore our housing reports and toolkits, online resources, interactive data tools and full library of publications.

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The California Housing Partnership designed and maintains two online data portals for nonprofit, government and advocacy partners to better quantify and visualize affordable housing metrics, key indicators and economic benefits.

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The California Housing Partnership, independently as well as in tandem with partner organizations statewide, conducts a host of trainings, seminars, briefings and panel discussions on policy, affordable housing finance, and sustainability-related subjects. 

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Since March 2020, the California Housing Partnership has been researching and analyzing the economic effects of the pandemic on low-income renters and affordable housing providers, providing technical assistance to nonprofit and government partners in housing finance and policy, advocating for resources at the state and federal level, and promoting the voices of our advocacy peers.

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1 – Fair Housing & Anti-Displacement

Who Can Afford to Rent
Who Can Afford to Rent in California’s Many Regions? (2019)
Rising Housing Costs and Re-Segregation
Rising Housing Costs and Re-Segregation in the San Francisco Bay Area (2019)
Rising Housing Costs and Re-Segregation San Francisco
Rising Housing Costs and Re-Segregation in San Francisco (2018)


2 – Preservation & Anti-Displacement

2020 Affordable Homes at Risk_CHPC-Final-cover
Affordable Homes at Risk | 2020 Report
LA Outcomes Report 2020
2020 Los Angeles County Annual Affordable Housing Outcomes Report
LA Outcomes Report Dashboard
Los Angeles County 2020 Affordable Housing Dashboard: A Countywide Snapshot


3 – Funding Programs

AHSC Report Final
Creating Affordable Homes and Sustainable Communities: How AHSC Addresses California’s Most Pressing Challenges (2019)
AHSC 2018 Report
California’s Cap-and-Trade-Funded Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program: Impact from Rounds 1 – 3 (2018)
Tax Credit Turns 30 Report cover
The Tax Credit Turns 30 (2017)


4 – Clean Energy & GHG

LIWP Impact Report (2019)
California’s Cap-and-Trade-Funded Low-Income Weatherization Program Multifamily: Impact Report (2019)
Advancing a Green New Deal for LA Renters (2019)
Affordable Homes First: Advancing a Green New Deal for Los Angeles Renters (2019)
On Bill Repayment Report Cover
Financing Energy Savings Through On-Bill Repayment (2017)


5 – Housing Need

California Affordable Housing Needs Report 2020
STATE-LEVEL Affordable Housing Needs Reports
COUNTY-LEVEL Affordable Housing Needs Reports
Bay Area's Housing Emergency Update
REGION-LEVEL Affordable Housing Needs Reports



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