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Affordable housing can cost $1 million in California. Coronavirus could make it worse

LA Times article Housing Costs

SOLANA BEACH, Calif. — When developer Ginger Hitzke first proposed an affordable housing complex on a parking lot in Solana Beach, she envisioned building 18 new homes for low-income families and adults at a cost of $414,000 per apartment. More than a decade later, her project has shrunk in size by nearly half and become more than twice as expensive. 4/9/2020: Twitter Read More

Coronavirus will make California’s affordable housing problems worse, experts say

LA Times article

California already faced a shortage of more than 1 million homes for low-income families before the novel coronavirus hit. And now many advocates, economists and politicians say the pandemic is only going to make the situation worse. Major job losses, particularly in low-wage restaurant and hospitality sectors, and what will probably be severely depressed tax revenues for California and its cities, Read More

Mapping out comprehensive solutions to the housing crisis and homelessness in California

CalMatters article

In his State of the State address, Gov. Gavin Newsom called homelessness “the most pernicious crisis in our midst, the ultimate manifestation of poverty, screaming for our attention.” Newsom called for a clear, long-term plan with a framework of solutions, echoing the Legislative Analyst’s Office. In his first two budgets, the governor has proposed significant investments in affordable housing and homelessness. Meanwhile, the Legislature Read More