The California Housing Partnership is Hiring! 

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Senior Housing Finance Consultants (“SHFC”) and Housing Finance Consultants (“HFC”) advise our partners on financial strategies to structure and maximize equity and bond or loan proceeds raised, selection of equity investors and lenders, and negotiation of deal terms, preparation of financial projections and assistance in obtaining funding from a large array of competitive programs including:

  • Tax-Exempt Private Activity Mortgage Revenue and 501(c)3 Bonds.
  • Federal 9% and 4% Low Income Housing Tax Credits and State of CA Tax Credits.
  • State of California Housing and Community Development (HCD) programs including:  Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC); Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Program (VHHP); Multifamily Housing Program (MHP); Transit-Oriented Development (TOD); and Infill Infrastructure Grant (IIG); and National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF).
  • California’s No Place Like Home (NPLH) and Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).
  • California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA).
  • State and local government HOME, CDBG and local trust funds.
  • McKinney Supportive Housing Program.
  • USDA Rural Development programs.
  • Project-based Section 8 Vouchers and contract extensions.
  • HUD multifamily and public housing programs, including Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD), Section 8 PBRA contracts, 202/811 recapitalizations, FHA mortgage insurance, MAHRA, and Preservation programs.
  • Federal Home Loan Bank AHP Program.
  • Other federal, state and local funding sources.

After an appropriate training period, SHFCs and HFCs also must be able to:

  • Independently run the Partnership’s in-house proforma considering all of the above funding sources, their rules and interactions.
  • Provide expert advice to nonprofit and local government housing agency partners regarding the optimal use of all the financing programs and services described above.
  • Provide expert consulting services on syndication and resyndication structuring, including a strong understanding of tax and financial concepts, as well as investor negotiating strategies.
  • Provide expertise to our partners on exit strategies for projects where Tax Credits are reaching the end of their 15-year compliance period by analyzing project economics, tax and regulatory considerations, and assisting partners in structuring a financing plan that employs innovative techniques to ensure that the nonprofit sponsor can retain ownership of the project with minimal out-of-pocket cash requirements.

Housing Finance Analysts (“HFA”) are trained and supervised by SHFCs and HFCs and must be able to provide support to them as they in turn provide the services outlined above and other tasks including, but not limited to:

  1. Running the Partnership’s in-house financial proforma, including initial feasibility analysis; updates for further analysis such as funding applications, closings, conversions, investor updates, and placed in service submittals.
  2. Review of investor and/or lender letters of intent and commitment letters, including bid comparison analysis.
  3. Review of lender and investor loan, partnership and bond documents.
  4. Preparation and/or review of financial sections of applications, including TCAC, CDLAC, HCD, AHP, local government and others.
  5. Preparation and/or review of additional submittals to federal, state and/or local housing agencies, such as TCAC Subsidy Layering Review, Readiness, Carryover, Placed in Service submittals; updates to other agencies as may be required.
  6. Assistance with bond, loan and syndication closings and conversions.
  7. Review of federal, state and local housing program regulations and/or guidelines.
  8. Time and skills permitting, direct assistance to the Partnership’s partners, under supervision of SHFCs and HFCs.
  9. Time and skills permitting, assist in design and delivery of housing financing training sessions and presentations.

While the primary duties will be financial consulting services for nonprofit and local government housing agencies, all Housing Finance staff (SHFCs, HFCs, and HFAs) assist in designing and delivering training programs on the above topics. Similarly, they must be able and willing to provide expert technical assistance to the staff of nonprofit and local government housing agencies regarding the same list of topics. Finally, Housing Finance staff, like other Partnership employees, must periodically assist with basic office administrative functions consistent with a small nonprofit organization.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Experience in affordable multifamily housing development and financing.
    • SHFC: At least eight (8) years’ experience.
    • HFC: At least (5) years’ experience.
    • HFA: At least (2) years’ experience.
    • A Master’s degree in a directly related field may substitute for up to one year.
  • Knowledge of current multifamily financing techniques and resources including the rules of at least the most important financing programs listed.
    • SHFC/HFC: Detailed knowledge required.
    • HFA: Basic knowledge required.
  • Hands-on experience with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program including experience preparing LIHTC applications with minimal supervision and detailed knowledge of LIHTC investment structuring and analysis.
    • SHFC/HFC: Extensive experience required.
    • HFA: Basic and demonstrated experience required.
  • Experience in developing and running multifamily rental real estate proformas.
    • SHFC/HFC: Extensive experience required.
    • HFA: Basic and demonstrated experience required.
  • Experience with applying for and structuring tax-exempt bonds preferred.
    • SHFC/HFC: Demonstrated experience required.
    • HFC: Basic experience required.
  • Project management experience with an LIHTC housing developer preferred.
  • Experience in delivery or design of training is also desirable.
  • Detail-oriented self-starter with strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to multitask and handle overlapping deadlines and assignments.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to thrive in small, nonprofit office environment.
  • Excellent public speaking and writing skills.
  • Proficiency with Apple computers and OS X standard applications.
  • Expert level ability with Microsoft Office products including Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Knowledge of and ability to communicate about affordable rental housing policy issues.
  • Able and willing to take commercial airline flights within California.

Equal Opportunity Employer: The California Housing Partnership is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. We strongly encourage qualified individuals from all backgrounds to apply. For more information about the Partnership, visit our website at

Compensation: Salary for this position is based on experience, and compensation includes a competitive package of benefits including health, dental, vision, chiropractic/acupuncture, transit subsidy, health reimbursement account, and 403(b) retirement plan.

Application Deadline: Open until filled.

TO APPLY: Send Cover Letter and Resume to Amanda Isbell ( with the subject line “Housing Finance [Senior Consultant/Consultant/Analyst] in [SF/LA] Candidate – [Your last name]”



About the Position

This team member will work under supervision by the Sustainable Housing Program Director to implement statewide clean energy programs for multifamily affordable housing.  This role includes direct outreach, education and technical assistance to nonprofit affordable housing owners and public housing authorities to help them assess, finance and apply for California solar and energy efficiency incentive programs, including the Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH), the Low-Income Weatherization Program (LIWP) for Multifamily and other related programs. The position will interface with other partner agencies and stakeholder groups, coordinate activities aimed at reaching affordable housing property owners, and interact with a wide range of affordable housing stakeholder groups and perform other related tasks as assigned. This includes providing technical assistance related to program eligibility and other requirements as well as affordable housing regulations. 

Required Qualifications

  • At least two years of experience for an Associate, and at least four years of experience for a Manager, in program marketing, outreach, and education in the fields of green building, clean energy, and/or affordable housing.
  • Skills in outreach, education, marketing, program administration, technical assistance, and knowledge of clean energy technologies, project design, project management are highly preferred. Previous experience in the California Central Valley region is also highly valued.
  • Bachelor’s degree; a graduate degree in a related field can substitute for one year of work experience.
  • Strong project management and client management skills.
  • Excellent communications skills, including public speaking skills.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and cloud-based collaboration tools.

Basic Duties and Responsibilities

  • Advise the Sustainable Housing Program Director about solar and energy efficiency program participation barriers and potential solutions by developing and executing a coordinated outreach plan.
  • Assist Sustainable Housing Program staff and partner organizations with implementation of SOMAH and other programs.
  • Lead solar and other sustainability program outreach, education, intake, portfolio reviews, and data entry for nonprofit affordable housing owners and public housing authorities under the supervision of the Sustainable Housing Program Director.
  • Develop and implement statewide outreach strategies with the support of the Sustainable Housing Director and other team members.
  • Represent the California Housing Partnership in our role as Authorized SOMAH Administration Team Representative, and other programs.
  • Interface with potential program participants for program education, portfolio reviews and intake through direct outreach, exhibiting at affordable housing conferences, presenting at workshops, webinars and other types of convenings.
  • Develop and implement presentations for various audiences and type of venues, including one-on-one presentations, conference workshops, public forums, and internal team meetings.
  • Build relationships with property owners, including property managers and professional organizations and government agencies to expand SOMAH program awareness, its email list, and pipeline.
  • Assist Sustainable Housing Program Director and program partners provide technical assistance to nonprofit affordable housing owners and public housing authorities to help them participate in sustainable energy and green building programs. Examples include interpreting clean energy and affordable housing program guidelines and maintaining ongoing compliance with program guidelines.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity Employer Statement: The California Housing Partnership is an equal opportunity employer where diversity is considered an asset and centered in the work we do. We strongly encourage individuals of marginalized communities to apply. These groups include, but are not limited to, people of various: races, genders, sexualities, abilities, and socioeconomic status.

Compensation: Salary for the position is based on experience, and compensation includes a competitive package of benefits including health, dental, vision, chiropractic/acupuncture, transit subsidy, and 403 (b) retirement plan.

Application Deadline: Open until filled.

TO APPLY: Send a cover letter and resume to with the subject line “Sustainable Housing [Associate/Manager] Candidate – [YOUR LAST NAME]”