Housing Finance Consultant

Housing Finance Consultant sought by the California Housing Partnership Corporation in San Francisco, CA. Major job responsibilities include:

  1. Advise nonprofit developer clients and city/county governments on various affordable housing development strategies, including but not limited to:
    1. Project feasibility analyses and optimal use of federal, state and local affordable housing programs, and assistance in obtaining funding from such programs;
    2. Negotiating terms for affordable housing developments with state and local governments, investors and lenders;
    3. Assistance in securing Low Income Housing Tax Credit funding;
  2. Prepare projections and funding applications for nonprofit affordable housing developments.

Education Requirement:
Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning

Employment Requirement
At least 12 months in nonprofit affordable housing development leading Low Income Housing Tax Credit applications, and at least 12 months experience working for a tax credit syndication firm.

To Apply
Send Resume and Cover Letter to Chris Maxwell, 369 Pine Street, Suite 300. San Francisco, CA 94104