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The Partnership works to support policies and improve programs that increase financial resources to serve low-income renters in California. This includes working in close collaboration with regional and statewide housing associations to assess housing-related state legislation, to advocate for permanent sources of state funding for affordable housing, and to interface with state regulatory bodies to increase equitable access to energy efficiency resources for affordable multifamily rental housing. For more information, please contact our Director of Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy through our Contact Us form by selecting “Legislative Advocacy” as the message subject.

Budget Advocacy in 2022

2022-23 Investments in Housing Affordability and Homelessness
February 4, 2022 Letter to Governor 

Legislative Advocacy in 2022

Sponsored Bills

Co-sponsored by the California Housing Partnership. Please take action today to put the sample letter(s) for each bill below onto your letterhead, upload them to the Legislature’s Position Letter Portal, and send copies to our Director of Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy at  

AB 1288 (Quirk-Silva) Allowing state LIHTC to be used with 4% or 9% credits

AB 1850 (Ward) Minimum standards for JPA middle income acquisitions

AB 1911 (Gabriel) Affordable Housing Preservation Tax Credit

AB 2006 (Berman) Streamlining of state compliance monitoring

AB 2186 (Grayson) Impact fee reduction or waiver 50% reimbursement

SB 948 (Becker) HCD pooled transition reserve

Support Bills

AB 2011 (Wicks) The Affordable Housing and High Road Jobs Act – SUPPORT 
April 20, 2022 Letter to Asm. Wicks


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Enacted Legislation


SPONSORED: AB 447 (Grayson) California Debt Limit Allocation Committee: income taxes: low-income housing tax credits

SUPPORTED: AB 721, AB 1043, AB 1124, AB 1304, SB 8, AB 215, AB 602, AB 816, AB 1398, AB 1584, and SB 791


SPONSORED: AB 434 (Daly) Streamlining HCD Rental Housing Programs into a Single Application and Award Process


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