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Roadmap Home 2030 new logoThe Partnership works to support policies and improve programs that increase financial resources to serve low-income renters in California. This includes working in close collaboration with regional and statewide housing associations to assess housing-related state legislation, to advocate for permanent sources of state funding for affordable housing, and to interface with state regulatory bodies to increase equitable access to energy efficiency resources for affordable multifamily rental housing. Our Roadmap Home 2030 initiative is a bold, long-term plan to create the future we want for California by building affordable homes, protecting low-income renters, ending homelessness, and advancing racial equity and economic inclusion. For more information, please contact our Director of Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy through our Contact Us form by selecting “Legislative Advocacy” as the message subject.

Budget Advocacy in 2023

Coordinated Housing Budget Request Letters to Governor and the Legislature

February 6, 2023        May 15, 2023         June 28, 2023         September 29, 2023

Legislative Advocacy in 2023

Sponsored Bills


AB 84 (Ward) allows the welfare property tax exemption for affordable housing to take effect upon recordation of deed-restrictions.

AB 346 (Quirk-Silva) allows TCAC to pair enhanced state low-income housing tax credits with either 9% or 4% federal credits in years when CDLAC is competitive.

AB 1307 (Wicks & Rivas) specifies that unamplified voices of residents is not a significant effect on the environment under Californian Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

AB 1449 (Alvarez) provides a Californian Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemption for certain housing developments where all units are affordable.

AB 1633 (Ting) specifies that the wrongful denial or withholding of a CEQA clearance to which a housing development is legally entitled is a violation of the Housing Accountability Act. 

SB 341 (Becker) more appropriately aligns prohousing incentives to programs where local governments are the applicants.

SB 355 (Eggman) broadens the eligibility for the Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program. *

SB 469 (Allen & Weiner) exempts LIHTC and HCD-funded developments from Article 34. 

SB 482 (Blakespear) requires HCD to offer capitalized operating subsidy reserves for supportive units under the Multifamily Housing Program. 

AB 1657 (Wicks) places an affordable housing bond on the 2024 ballot.

ACA 1 (Aguiar-Curry) lowers to 55% the threshold for voters at the ballot to approve local tax and bond measures for affordable housing and infrastructure.* 

HELD (Senate Appropriations)

AB 578 (Berman) caps HCD monitoring fees so that more money can be leveraged to build housing.

HELD (Author’s Office; administration agreeed to work on this issue)

AB 1053 (Gabriel) reduces affordable housing costs by funding HCD loans during construction.

HELD (Assembly Appropriations)

AB 1181 (Zbur) reduces barriers so that multifamily housing has access to the Self-Generation Incentive Program to install energy storage.

*CHP did not co-sponsor these bills, but is in full support.


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Budget Advocacy in 2022

Governor’s State Budget: Housing Provisions – From the Partnership
June 30, 2022 Summary

Roadmap Home 2030: 2022 Policy & Budget Priorities
April 1, 2022 Summary

2022-23 Investments in Housing Affordability and Homelessness
February 4, 2022 Letter to Governor 

Governor’s Proposed State Budget: Housing Provisions – From the Partnership
January 12, 2022 Summary

Enacted Legislation


SPONSORED: AB 2006 (Berman) Streamlining of state compliance monitoring activities

SB 948 (Becker) HCD pooled transition reserve

SUPPORTED: AB 1551, AB 1654, AB 1837, AB 2011, AB 2094, AB 2179, AB 2233, AB 2234, AB 2244, AB 2334, AB 2483, SCA 2


SPONSORED: AB 447 (Grayson) California Debt Limit Allocation Committee: income taxes: low-income housing tax credits

SUPPORTED: AB 721, AB 1043, AB 1124, AB 1304, SB 8, AB 215, AB 602, AB 816, AB 1398, AB 1584, and SB 791


SPONSORED: AB 434 (Daly) Streamlining HCD Rental Housing Programs into a Single Application and Award Process


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