Policy & Advocacy

Policy Engagement and Research to Expand the Supply of Affordable Homes in California

The California Housing Partnership advocates at the state and federal level for affordable housing resources.

The Partnership works to support policies and improve programs that increase financial resources for owners of low-income multifamily housing. This includes working in close collaboration with other regional housing associations to assess housing-related state legislation, to advocate for a permanent source of state funding for affordable housing, and to work closely with state regulatory bodies to increase access to energy efficiency resources for affordable multifamily rental housing.

Our current statewide policy recommendations include:

  • Make permanent the $500 million annual increase to the California Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program to jump-start affordable housing production and preservation.
  • Create a new Affordable Housing Preservation Tax Credit to preserve existing affordable housing at risk of conversion and to fight displacement pressures.
  • Consolidate Department of Housing and Community Development rental housing funding programs in order to streamline the application and award process and reduce development costs.
  • Reduce the threshold for voter approval of local funding of affordable housing and infrastructure from 67 percent to 55 percent as was done for educational facilities in 2000.
  • Exempt supportive housing and affordable housing funded by MHP, HOME or CDBG from CEQA reviews.
  • Allow affordable housing to be built by right on land currently zoned for commercial or public uses and on church-owned lands.  

Roadmap Home 2030 new logoLaunched in March of 2021 in partnership with Housing California, California’s Roadmap HOME 2030 is an initiative to develop and implement a comprehensive, long-term plan for statewide housing and homelessness solutions. This 10-year policy blueprint illustrates how, with the right solutions and the will, we can create a California with homes for all. 


The Partnership closely monitors affordable housing resource issues and focuses efforts on reminding legislatures of the critical importance federal housing programs play in the lives of low-income Californians.

The California Housing Partnership’s research and publications directly support our policy and advocacy goals.


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