Solar 101 Institute

Solar 101During Affordable Housing Month in May, the Partnership hosts an annual “Solar 101 Institute” training series (free) covering the nuts and bolts of solar PV installations at affordable housing properties. 

PART I: Intro to Solar PV for Multifamily Affordable Properties

Part I focuses on the basics of solar photovoltaics (PV) and breaks down important considerations for the pre-development, installation, and post-installation phases. Topics of discussion include: 

  • Introduction to solar PV and solar benefits
  • System components and system design considerations
  • Tenant solar through Virtual Net Metering (VNEM)
  • PV project timeline and important considerations for pre-development, installation, and post-installation phases

PART II: Solar PV Implementation Case Studies and Financing Forum

Part II consists of a sample project feasibility analysis and peer share by affordable housing providers who have implemented solar installations, followed by a forum for questions and answers with contacts from California’s affordable housing solar financing programs. Topics of discussion include: 

  • Solar project analysis and feasibility 
  • Installing solar PV on new or existing multifamily affordable housing buildings (peer share)
  • Landscape of solar financing options and funding programs Q&A

Last day to register: Thursday, May 5, 2022

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This training is intended for affordable housing development and management professionals including personnel in asset management, sustainability, operations and maintenance, lending/investing, architecture, and real estate development (HDTI and BAHIP cohorts are encouraged to register). Participation will be limited to these groups. 


(Past Years: 2021 Part I & 2021 Part II)