Publications Overview

The California Housing Partnership provides published research and advocacy resources facilitating the preservation and expansion of the supply of affordable homes for low-income renters in California. The Partnership annually produces housing needs reports for all 58 counties of California in the spring, and we also produce two statewide reports annually: 1) Affordable Homes at Risk and the 2) California Affordable Housing Needs Report.

Please explore our housing reports and toolkits, online resources, interactive data tools and full library of publications. If you have a question, please submit your inquiry through our Contact Us form.






1 – Housing Need

California Affordable Housing Needs Report 2020
STATE-LEVEL Affordable Housing Needs Reports
COUNTY-LEVEL Affordable Housing Needs Reports
Bay Area's Housing Emergency Update
REGIONAL-LEVEL Affordable Housing Needs Reports


2 – Preservation & Revitalization

Affordable Homes at Risk 2021 Report-cover
California Affordable Homes At Risk Reports
LA Outcomes Report 2020
Los Angeles County Annual Affordable Housing Outcomes Reports
LA Outcomes Report Dashboard
Los Angeles County Affordable Housing Countywide Snapshots


3 – Clean Energy & GHG


LIWP Multifamily Policy Brief CHPC 2021Mar
Low-Income Weatherization Program Multifamily: Impact Report (2021)
Advancing a Green New Deal for LA Renters (2019)
Affordable Homes First: Advancing a Green New Deal for Los Angeles Renters (2019)
Decarb Summit Report 2021 cover
Affordable Housing Building Decarbonization Summit Findings (2021)


4 – Fair Housing & Anti-Displacement

Who Can Afford to Rent
Policy Briefs: Who Can Afford to Rent in California’s Many Regions?
Rising Housing Costs and Re-Segregation
Rising Housing Costs and Re-Segregation Reports
CHPC 2021 Policy Brief_AFFH Addressing Segregation and Unequal Opp Access-cover
AFFH Policy Brief: Segregation and Unequal Access to Opportunity


5 – Funding Programs

AHSC Report Rounds 1-5 cover
Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program Impact Reports
Tax Credit Turns 30 Report cover
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program Impact Reports