California’s Roadmap Home 2030


The opportunity to build healthy, fulfilling lives for ourselves and our families is in jeopardy. Systemic racial injustice, a widening wealth gap, and a shortage of homes people can afford are affecting our livelihoods and threatening what we love about California. Roadmap Home 2030 is the first comprehensive, evidence-based plan to address the root causes of housing insecurity and homelessness in California. If we act now, we can protect what we love about California while making it a healthier, happier, and more equitable place to live.

Roadmap Home 2030 new logoThe Roadmap Home 2030 is a bold, long-term plan to create the future we want for California by building affordable homes, protecting low-income renters, ending homelessness, and advancing racial equity and economic inclusion.

Founders: California Housing Partnership  |  Housing California
In partnership with: California Budget & Policy Center 
Social media: @RoadmapHome2030

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2022 Year End Report

Roadmap Home End of Year Report cover page

Goals of the Roadmap Home 2030

We will create 1.2 million new affordable homes for low-income Californians, including for those experiencing homelessness.

We will protect 1 million low-income renter households from losing their homes, including more than 300,000 who face eviction each year.

We will end homelessness for more than 150,000 Californians who are unhoused every night and over 400,000 who are unhoused throughout the year.

We will close the racial equity gaps in housing and homelessness created by decades of racist housing policies that have harmed Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and other people of color.

Five Core Areas

  1. Invest in our Values
  2. Promote Fairness
  3. Protect People
  4. Reimagine Growth
  5. Create Efficiency and Accountability

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Marking the launch of California’s #RoadmapHome2030!

3/25/2021 Press Conference, 8 am

Roadmap Home Press Conference Welcome 2021

3/25/2021 Town Hall, 12 pm

4/27/2021 Commonwealth Club Conversation, 3 pm