Policy & Research

Policy Engagement and Research to Expand the Supply of Affordable Homes in California

The California Housing Partnership advocates at the state and federal level for affordable housing resources.

At a state level, the Partnership works to support policies and improve programs that increase financial resources for owners of low-income multifamily housing. This includes working in close collaboration with other regional housing associations to assess housing-related state legislation, to advocate for a permanent source of state funding for affordable housing, and to work closely with state regulatory bodies to increase access to energy efficiency resources for affordable multifamily rental housing. Our current statewide policy recommendations include:

  • Aggressively campaign for voters to pass the $4 billion Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond of 2018 (Proposition 1) and the No Place Like Home homeless housing initiative (Proposition 2).
  • Expand the state’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program by $300 million per year to make up for the loss of value caused by the 2017 federal tax bill.
  • Bring back redevelopment funding for affordable housing and related infrastructure at an initial amount of $1 billion annually.
  • Reduce the threshold for voter approval of local funding of affordable housing and infrastructure from 67% to 55% as was done for educational facilities in 2009.

At a federal level, the Partnership closely monitors affordable housing resource issues and focuses efforts on reminding legislatures of the critical importance federal housing programs play in the lives of low-income Californians.

The California Housing Partnership’s research and publications directly support our policy and advocacy goals.

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