Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy

Active Bills Co-Sponsored by the California Housing Partnership in 2020

Please take action today to put the sample letter for each bill on your letterhead, upload each letter to the Legislature’s Position Letter Portal, and send copies to mstivers@chpc.net.  


AB 1907 | Streamlining Homeless Housing in California
(California Legislative Information | Authors: Santiago)

Exempts from CEQA shelters, permanent supportive housing, and affordable housing with MHP, CDBG, or HOME funds

AB 2058 | Affordable Housing Preservation Tax Credit
(California Legislative Information | Author: Gabriel)

Creates an Affordable Housing Preservation Tax Credit to incentivize the preservation of existing affordable apartment properties and mobile home parks by experienced affordable housing organizations

AB 2406 | Rental Registry Data Collection
(California Legislative Information | Author: Wicks)

Requires landlords with more than five units to register all units in a statewide database and include information on rents and evictions

AB 3144 | Housing Cost Reduction Incentive Program
(California Legislative Information | Author: Grayson)

Encourages cities and counties to waive or reduce impact fees for affordable rental housing developments by creating the Housing Cost Reduction Incentive Program to reimburse them 50% of the value of fee waivers or reductions granted