Sustainable Housing

The California Housing Partnership actively engages in advocacy to expand energy efficiency resources for affordable multifamily rental housing. We also provide direct technical assistance to property owners, environmental organizations, and other allies throughout the state to ensure that existing programs effectively reach their intended recipients.

We provide this technical assistance through several avenues:

Green Rental home Energy Efficiency Network

GREEN is a coalition of mission-driven and service organizations across California working collaboratively for the inclusion of multifamily rental housing as a priority in federal- and state-funded energy efficiency programs. CHPC leads several working groups within GREEN that dive deeper into specific issues faced by owners and operators of low-income rental housing. 

Energy Efficiency

CHPC works directly with owners to help them identify creative ways to finance energy efficiency retrofits in their buildings. This involves educating owners about the programs and opportunities for rebates and funding available to them, as well as developing innovative financing tools to assist those owners hoping to complete energy efficiency work outside of a major retrofit.