Green Rental home Energy Efficiency Network


In recognition of the key role that energy and water costs play in the long-term financial feasibility of operating affordable housing, the California Housing Partnership has convened the Green Rental home Energy Efficiency Network (GREEN) since 2010 to collaboratively increase access to solar, energy efficiency and water conservation resources for low-income renters and affordable housing properties. GREEN includes more than 50 nonprofit and government housing organizations active throughout California with extensive experience with financing, installing and maintaining clean and efficient energy systems in their multifamily affordable residential properties.



GREEN Initiatives

  • Energy Affordability: Advance state solar, energy efficiency and energy storage programs and solutions for the low-income multifamily rental sector.
  • Water Affordability: Work at the state and local level to increase affordable housing and low-income household access to water affordability and conservation resources.
  • Financing Solutions: Advise on development of energy financing tools such as On-Bill Repayment and On-Bill Financing.
  • Los Angeles: Advance energy and water affordability solutions for the low-income multifamily rental sector in the City of Los Angeles.

GREEN Advisory Board

The GREEN Advisory Board includes leaders from nonprofit affordable housing organizations who guide CHPC’s work to increase and enhance energy and water resources for multifamily affordable rental properties and low-income renters in California. The Board also ensures that our policy priorities remain grounded in the needs and issues of our nonprofit owner constituency and the low-income households they serve by providing strategic input on GREEN’s work. The current Advisory Board includes:

For more information on how to get involved with GREEN, please contact Stephanie Wang at