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Unsubsidized Affordable Homes At-Risk | 2024 Report

Using a proprietary methodology, the California Housing Partnership identified unsubsidized naturally-occurring affordable housing (NOAH) properties that due to their age, location and other market factors, offer rents affordable to low-income households. Notable findings in this 2024 report include: 
Already Lost
  • 163,000+ homes are no longer affordable, largely concentrated in Southern California, the Bay Area, and Sacramento and Fresno counties
Now At-risk                            
  • 222,190+ homes are currently at risk of losing their affordability by mid-2024
  • 37 of 58 counties in CA have at least 100 at-risk homes
    • Highest numbers are in Southern California and the Bay Area
    • Los Angeles County has the highest number 95,858   
  • Nearly 27% of CA’s multifamily housing stock is currently at very high or high risk of losing their affordability by mid-2024
Displacement from a NOAH property is particularly concerning from a fair housing perspective as 52% of lost NOAH are located in the High or Highest Resource areas compared to 42% of remaining NOAH.