Portfolio Recapitalization

CHPC provides expert financial services and technical assistance to help developers and public housing authorities to reposition and revitalize portfolios, protect assets, and maximize resources. Our staff offers our extensive experience structuring complex financial transactions, comprehensive understanding of housing development and operations, and in-depth knowledge of current housing policy, market conditions and debt and investment terms.

CHPC Portfolio Analysis Services include:
  • Identification of client needs, goals, and priorities
  • Detailed document and project information review
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Evaluation of all available funding sources, whether for refinancing, recapitalization,
  • or portfolio expansion
  • Development of alternative financing plans and structures to achieve top goals
  • Identification of strategies to secure fees and equity
  • Long-term cash flow review
  • Green retrofit analyses and financial planning
  • Production of full financial projections
  • Funding application preparation
  • Lender and investor negotiations

To learn more about CHPC’s Portfolio Services, contact Richard Mandel, Director of Financial Consulting, at rmandel@chpc.net.